Rocky Mountain
Sidecar Adventures

How can I book a tour?

  • Contact us via the email below or proceed directly to the store under the Tours link found above.
  • You can use any major credit card through our store.  Tours must be paid in advance to be confirmed.

What happens if it rains or its cold weather?

  • Our policy is that if its a 60% chance of rain and not actually raining, we will run the tour.  We have raingear and heated blankets in the sidecar for chillier weather.   In the event that its pouring rain, we will make the call two hours prior to your start time and contact you.
  • If you have paid for a trip we will refund you 100% in the event of a rain out, or reschedule if you can make the time.

What time do the tours start?

  • Our tours run morning, afternoon and evenings, or all combined depending on the length of tour you select.
  • We operate our tours from May 1st until September 30th each year weather permitting.
  • We will confirm a start time and pickup location with you at the time you make your reservation.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

  • Yes.  All passengers and drivers on the vehicle must wear a helmet.  We provide this for your use and each helmet is equipped with a communicator to be able to talk to your driver and listen to narration during the tour.
  • You will be required to provide us with a head size in CM - range is usually 57-62 cm or small, medium, large, xlarge or XXlarge

Who can ride in the sidecar?

  • Any person who is between 28 kg or 60 lb and 130kg or 300lb may ride in the sidecar as long as they are physically able to climb in and out without assistance or can be transferred with assistance.

Is it safe to ride in this manner?

  • Sidecar motorcycles are very stable and safe to ride in. 
  • Our drivers are highly experienced and all are trained professionals
  • Our sidecar motorcycles are completely roadworthy and are maintained by certified specialist mechanics.

Can I choose which bike to ride on?

  • Yes, provided the bike is available, you have your choice.  Its first come, first served.
  • Each bike is a little different from the others in color and features.

Do I need to provide insurance?

  • No, Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures is a fully insured commercial operation within Canada.
  • You do need to sign a waiver at the time of the tour.  This is an acknowledgement that you are riding in a sidecar motorcycle and understand that there is risk involved in any motoring activity.

What if I have to cancel my tour?

  • Our refund policy is simple - if its weather, we refund you 100%
  • If you cancel with 48 hours or more notice before the tour we refund you 100% 
  • If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice there is no refund because we have committed the bikes and drivers to your time slot and its difficult to fill it up again due to the nature of people's travel schedules. 

Can my kids ride with me?

  • Kids can ride in the sidecar provided they meet the minimum size requirements above.  However, the transportation laws limit the sidecar to 1 passenger only.  Some of our bikes have another seat available behind the driver.  We only allow passengers to ride there on the City of Calgary Tour. However, our prices are per passenger.

Do you do special occasions and other functions?

  • Yes.  We can provide services for graduations, anniversaries, photo shoots, movie work, and we also do custom bookings for extended road trips.  In all cases, we provide the vehicles and the drivers.  Please contact us for quotes.  We work within all budgets and have bikes to meet your needs.  We also have a bike available for customization for movie work.  Please inquire.

Can I rent the motorcycle and ride it myself with a passenger?

  • At this time we are not able to rent out our bikes alone.   All bikes come with a driver/guide.

Are your bikes eco-friendly?

  • Yes, our bikes exceed the emission control requirements for Canada and are very quiet.